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Hashmi Herbal Clinic

Herbal Medicine

Hashmi Herbal is one of the best and oldest unani clinics of India. Hashmi Healthcare Clinic is situated in Amroha District of Uttar Pradesh. Hashmi Herbal Clinic was established by Hakeem Mehtab Uddin Hashmi in 1929. Since then Hashmi Herbal Clinic has paid attention towards the promotion of herbal products and natural therapy for treatment of health related problems. Our clinic is world famous for natural treatment. Our vision is to give you a healthy and smiling world with herbal therapies. We have always focused on the well being of general men in several ways. Our motive is to give you a happy and healthy life.

We have been serving mankind for last eight decades. We have thousands of satisfied customers with us. Hashmi Herbal caters to over 32 diseases in India and world. We focus on providing high quality, affordable treatment. We focus on male sexual treatment, female health treatment, weight gain, weight loss, diabetes, asthma, skin care, heart disease and many more. Hashmi Herbal has been expansively engaged in the research of Unani herbs. Our scientists work 24*7 to make proficient and useful medicines for the people by using the latest technology. Our Each product combines the best of Unani with years of dedicated research.

Why Herbal Medicines

Our treatment are the most comprehensive, they not only alleviate the sufferings but also check repeated occurrence. We give “state of the art” UNANI (Herbal )Medicines in the form of Tablets, Cream, Capsules and Oil, which are manufactured using at home herbal extraction processes.